Candle Tips

Before you use your Sol Brothers candle here are a few tips and tricks to get your money's worth.

The first time you light and burn your new candle really sets the stage for how well the candle will perform throughout its life. Our biggest recommendation for the first burn, is to make sure that the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of your candle before you snuff the flame.

For all subsequent burns, prior to lighting your candle, always trim the wick to ¼ inch and remove any debris left in the wax pool such as wick trimmings.

Never burn your candle for more than 3 - 4 hours at a time. Burning a candle for too long will cause carbon to collect on the wick, leading it to “mushroom.” The wick will then become unstable and could curl into the actual candle. Plus, your candle will start to smoke and release soot.

Always keep the flame away from moving air and make sure to burn the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface. This can help prevent heat damage to underlying surfaces and prevent glass containers from breaking. Keep out of reach of children and pets.