The Opulence scent is one that embodies the richness and true essence of luxury. It is made up of a blend of Palo Santo and Vetiver fragrance oils. The deep, woody richness of the Palo Santo tree coupled with the intriguing woody and citrus tones given off by the Vetiver plant produces a truly eloquent scent. 


The Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") tree is native to many Central and South American countries. It grows in dry tropical forests and produces a very fragrant resin. The fragrant wood has been burned by natives for thousands of years to cleanse an area of bad energy, and the oil of the tree is said to have purifying and healing properties. Due to limonene being one of the main components of the oil, which has a number of uses, this oil has been known to deter insects, aide in pain as an anti-inflammatory and is also used during aroma therapy and other stress-relieving activites. 


Vetiver is a long thin plant whose roots have also been used to make medicine in Asian cultures for centuries. The woody, smoky scent serves as a major component in perfumes and is commonly used in temples and houses throughout the world. Vetiver oil is sometimes applied directly to the skin to relieve stress, arthitis, stings, and burns. When used in aromatherapy it has been known to aide with nervousness, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain.